A Legacy of Adjustability and Technology

Instant Comfort Beds are manufactured by American National Manufacturing, Inc. (ANM). ANM has been creating innovative mattresses since 1972: we started as a waterbed manufacturer, then in 1988, we married an air chamber to a dial controller and created something the world had never seen before: the first true "smart" bed.

Some Things Will Never Change

While we have improved the technology over the years, the principals remain. We believe that adjustability and individual comfort is the key to a good night's sleep.

All of Instant Comfort's models utilize a Patented Support Control System, industry-leading Ultra-Flex™ Air Chambers, and offer 45 firmness settings per side.

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The Power of True Dual Adjustability

In our experience, individual adjustability solves for several things:

  • Couples who have different firmness preferences from one another
  • Individuals who have different support needs over time as a result of medical conditions, exercise, or preference
  • The fear that the mattress you love in-store is not so great in-home