“Smart Bed” also means a Smart Choice.

“Smart Bed” is a relatively new term to the landscape, and the definition is very much up for discussion. To us, “Smart Bed” simply means anything more advanced than a static support surface.

The ability to decide night after night how firm you would like your mattress to be makes it a Smart Bed. The ability to control both the firmness of your bed and the position of your power base in a single app is even smarter.

Adjustable Firmness

When consumers approach buying a mattress, some of the primary feelings reported are anxiety about making a poor choice and overwhelm by all of the options. When a couple approaches buying a mattress, it is rare that they both have the same firmness preferences.

Instant Comfort Smart Beds solve for both of these issues: we offer individuals the ability to change their firmness setting night after night so they do not have to fear that the mattress they loved in the store won’t be so comfortable at home. We offer couples the ability to choose their ideal firmness without having to compromise with each other.