Support Control

Every Instant Comfort Model offers 45 Levels of Support from 5 to 50. The bed does not make active pressure adjustments without input from the user, so it will not automatically turn on and make noise in the middle of the night.The Instant Comfort support control unit carries several Patents issued and pending that cover the Control Algorithms, Systems of Measurement and Adjustment, and Physical Aspects of Controlling the Air Flow.

The Pumps support wired controller connection, wireless remote communication, and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

Proprietary Reversible Quilted Top Cover

Just like you can adjust the firmness of your bed, with Instant Comfort you can adjust the cooling technology by simply unzippping and flipping the the quilted top cover. On Quilted Luxe and Opulence models, the reversible top cover has one side with cooling phase change technology and one side with a comforting neutral quilt for an ideal feel in summer and winter.

Flex-Head™ Design

Our Flex-Head™ design helps maintain the Cuddle-Zone™ found within the main section of the mattress.

Our Flex-Head™ design is available in Queen, King and California King sizes. Flex-Head™ is compatible with all non-wall hugging power bases.

This design configuration can be used with dual power bases or split-top power bases.

Available with Luxe and Opulence models only.

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Wired Hand Controls

Wired Hand Controls are included on all Instant Comfort Models. The hand controls feature a streamlined user interface with tactile buttons to make adjustability accessible to anyone.

Ultra-Flex™ Air Chambers

Ultra-Flex™ air chamber systems are designed to offer maximum adjustability, power base compatibility, and ultimately a better night’s sleep.

Our Ultra-Flex™ Air Chambers are manufactured with a Thermoplastic Polyurethane Blend (TPU) for extraordinary flexibility and longevity.

Superior Material & Construction

  • No VOC’s:
    Ultra-Flex™ chambers do not off-gas dangerous volatile organic compounds. TPU is an inert material commonly used in food-grade and sensitive applications.
  • Flexible but Structured:
    Our Ultra-Flex™ Chambers are both flexible and structured. We create durability by joining elastic and inelastic materials which combine to offer an optimal support surface.
  • Sustainable:
    Our welded manufacturing process is much more sustainable and reliable than competitors’ glued, vulcanized rubber air chamber systems.
  • Anti-Microbial:
    Ultra-Flex™ Air Chambers are Anti-Microbial to prevent the development of mold and mildew.
  • Supports Any Sleeper:
    Each chamber can support a sleeper of up to 650 lbs and more effectively distribute weight for a more restful, restorative sleep.

Optimized for Power Bases

Every Ultra-Flex™ Air Chamber has 17 left-to-right welded I-beams that create articulation points across the entire mattress.In comparison to competitor’s head-to-toe I-Beams which restrict the ability of the chamber to articulate, our chamber systemis much more flexible, contouring, and optimized for use with power-bases.

  • CeriPUR-US® Certified Comfort Layers

    When you buy products containing certified comfort layers, you can be confident that the flexible polyurethane comfort layers inside meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions and durability, and has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

    Click Here to verify Instant Comfort's use of certified comfort layers by visiting the CertiPUR-US® directory.

  • Copper Gel Comfort Layers

    Naturally Antimicrobial

    Copper has natural antimicrobial properties that extend beyond the surface of copper itself, destroying microorganisms that are in close proximity but not in direct contact with the Copper.

    Variable Support Properties

    CopperGel™ creates the feel of variable levels of support foam through the increasing interaction between adjacent gel particles as the foam is compressed. At deep compression areas, the particles provide the pressure response of a pure gel, preventing the sensation of bottoming out under heavy loads.

  • Hidden Technology

    Ultra-Flex™ air chambers hide cutting edge material science and engineering prowess deep in the core of every Instant Comfort Bed.

    The micro-embossed TPU material is anti-microbial with no VOC off gassing, and carries a much lower carbon footprint than traditional vulcanized rubber air chambers.

    The chambers combine elastic and inelastic materials to ensure that there is flex and spring as well as reliable support. The internal I Beams act as natural hinge points for great flex when used with power bases.