All at the Touch of Your Fingertips

  • The Firm Comfort series brings adjustable air technology at an affordable price point.  If you enjoy a firm sleep experience meaning a harder sleep surface, Firm Comfort series may be best for you.  The Firm Comfort Series features:

    • Quilted top with minimal foam layering
    • Closer air chamber change technology feel
    • Single zipper versions with removable fabric for easy cleaning
    • Bluetooth connectivity to the Instant Comfort® app
    • 45 individual comfort settings

    Choose Your Firm Comfort Smart Bed:

    Firm Comfort Q2
    Firm Comfort Q4

  • The Plush Comfort series combines the qualities of a premium memory foam bed with the exclusive Instant Comfort® adjustable air technology to provide a cool comfortable sleep experience. The Plush Comfort series features:

    • Four-way stretch removable fabric top
    • Foam layer that increases air-flow
    • Includes an additional layer of gel-infused memory foam
    • Bluetooth connectivity to the Instant Comfort® app
    • 45 individual comfort settings

    Choose Your Plush Comfort Smart Bed:

    Plush Comfort S7
    Plush Comfort S8
    Plush Comfort S9

  • Our most luxurious smart beds, the Ultra-Plush Comfort series has our exclusive adjustable air technology with the “pillow top” feel and extensive comfort layers. The Ultra-Plush Comfort series features:

    • Super soft quilting foam pillow top fabric
    • Two-sided cooling top panel on Q8 and Q9
    • Convoluted gel-infused foam increases heat dissipation and air flow
    • Bluetooth connectivity to the Instant Comfort® app
    • 45 individual comfort settings

    Choose Your Ultra-Plush Comfort smart Bed:

    Ultra-Plush Comfort Q5
    Ultra-Plush Comfort Q7
    Ultra-Plush Comfort Q8
    Ultra-Plush Comfort Q9


The Instant Comfort®Flex Head Mattress

The Instant Comfort® Flex-Head® Mattresses come with a two-zone control split foam dual-adjustability allowing individual adjustment for each sleeper. Use your smartphone or our touchscreen remotes to change your smart bed setting and to control your  Flex-Head® power base.

You can sit up in bed and enjoy reading a book while your partner is laid back sound asleep, while still maintaining the all-important cuddle zone™.

Plush Comfort Flex-Head Mattress®

Ultra-Plush Comfort Flex-Head® Mattress


Anytime with the Instant Comfort®App

The Instant Comfort® app makes it easy to control your bed and the optional power base.  Available in both iOS and Android,  you can adjust the comfort on both sides of the bed at anytime with your smartphone. Just open the app and all the settings for your bed are in the palm of your hand.

  • Two-zone individual comfort setting for each side of the bed in Queen, King, or California King
  • 45 unique settings for each side of the bed ranging from five to fifty
  • Adjustable comfort settings help obtain optimal blood flow and circulation
  • Bluetooth connectivity that allows you easy access to your app to change comfort levels


Because We All Do More than just Sleep in Bed

We believe our customers deserve the latest technology, high quality components, and expert construction. The Instant Comfort® Bed offers an experience consumers love and products that stand the test of time with more than 40 years of mattress manufacturing excellence.

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