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Where can I buy an Instant Comfort smart bed mattress?

Instant Comfort mattresses can be found at many different mattress retail stores across the United Stated. Please use our Store Locator to find a store near you.

How long does it take for my order to ship?

Instant Comfort mattresses are made to order and ship within 4-6 weeks. Our retail partners may have inventory in-stock that may ship earlier. Please check with the retail store near you for current ship lead times.

How do I operate the Instant Comfort smart bed mattress?

Please visit our User's Guide page to download the operation instructions for the Instant Comfort smart bed mattress.

How do I clean the Instant Comfort smart bed mattress?

The mattress cover bottom, center and top panels of your Instant Comfort mattress can easily unzip to be professionally dry cleaned. Do not attempt to wash the cover yourself as some of the materials and/or stitching may shrink. Also if you do have a stain, please have a professional clean the stain, do not apply over the counter stain remover as it may yellow the fabric.

How do I deflate the air chamber(s)?

Please make sure there is power to your pump and then select the lowest smart bed setting for the side with the air chamber that you wish to deflate. Once the pump has reached the lowest smart bed setting you can disconnect the air chamber from the pump at the check valve. To remove the remaining air we recommend using the back side of a ball point pen (not the ink side). Press and hold the back side of the pen into the check valve. To speed up the process you can roll up the air chamber like a sleeping bag while deflating.

How do I move the Instant Comfort smart bed mattress?

Instant Comfort's construction makes moving your mattress simple and easy. Before moving your mattress you will need to unhook your air control unit and controllers. Be sure to fill up your chambers to their maximum setting, this will help prevent components from moving or shifting inside your mattress. After you have filled up both sides with air, unlink the Insta-Connect hose connections to the air pump. Your mattress will stay inflated thanks to the check valve inside our Insta-Connect hose fittings. We recommend boxing up the air pump and controls in their original boxes to prevent possible damage from transporting your sleep system. In some cases you may have to disassemble a portion of the mattress to relocate it however many of our customers feel there is no need for disassembly of any kind, since your Instant Comfort bed zips up into a one-piece mattress.

We recommend wrapping your mattress with plastic before transporting, this will provide additional protection from potential damage and staining. We recommend disassembling and reassembling your bed frame, base and/or foundation before and after moving. Make sure you place your mattress near an 110 volt electrical outlet so you can power your air control unit, after your move.