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Instant Comfort



14" Smooth Top Smart Bed

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  • 25-Year Limited Warranty with 5-Years Full
  • 8" Total Comfort Layers
  • Dynamic Copper-Gel with Cooling

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Opulence Smart Bed

The Opulence offers adjustable support with our most generous and plush comfort layers. 

The plush comfort layer assembly offers a blend of dynamic copper-gel and air flow comfort layers that allow effective cooling as well as dynamic, responsive comfort characteristics.  

The adjustable support system offers 45 different levels of support that can be changed at any time, using the included hand control.

14" Total Height

  • 1/2" - Ultra-Stretch Phase Change Cooling Smooth Top Cover
  • Fire Barrier
  • 4" - Dynamic Copper-Gel Cooling Comfort Layer
  • 2" - Air-Flow Comfort Layer
  • 3D Stretch Air Layer
  • Ultra-Flex™ Air Chambers
  • 5-1/2" - Lock-Tight Rail System
  • 2" - Foundational Support Layer
  • Zippered Bottom Cover

Instant Comfort

Wired Hand Controls

Our Wired Hand Controls are included with every mattress and make adjusting the firmness of your mattress easy and ultra-reliable.

Instant Comfort

Support Control

The Instant Comfort support controller makes adjusting your setting easy. Its patented technology allows you to adjust to your ideal level of support with the touch of a button, or tap of your app.

Every Instant Comfort Model offers 45 Levels of Firmness from 5 to 50.

The bed will not make pressure adjustments without your input, because you know comfort better than any algorithm. This also means that the pump will not automatically turn on and make noise in the middle of the night.

Supports wired controller connection, wireless remote communication, and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

Opulence Smart Bed

Phase Change Cover

The Opulence mattress cover boasts an embossed, ultra-stretch design with a phase change "cooling" smooth top panel.

This innovative combination, featuring a phase change top panel paired with a copper-infused energex comfort layer, promotes effective air circulation and mitigates heat accumulation within the mattress.

Crafted with cooling and comfort as top priorities, the Opulence mattress ensures a refreshing and restful sleep experience.

Opulence Smart Bed

Copper Energex™ Comfort

Energex™ material has been specifically designed to energize and slightly soften in response to body heat, which is the key to providing highly adaptive comfort, ease of movement, and excellent pressure-relief.

Copper provides superior thermal conductivity. When copper particles are compressed in the comfort layer, the evenly dispersed particles form super-conductive pathways that allows excess body heat to dissipate faster.

Instant Comfort

Ultra-Flex™ Chambers

Ultra-Flex™ air chamber systems are designed to offer maximum adjustability, power base compatibility, and ultimately a better night’s sleep.

Our Ultra-Flex™ Air Chambers are manufactured with a Thermoplastic Polyurethane Blend (TPU) for extraordinary flexibility and longevity.

Supports up to 600 lbs.

Instant Comfort

Lock-Tight Rail System

The lock-tight rail system is featured on every Instant Comfort mattress. Having the side and head/foot rails, locked together, helps prevent the internal mattress components from shifting.

The lock-tight rail system provides maximum edge and corner support around the perimeter of the mattress, allowing you to sit on the edge of the bed without feeling like you’re going to slide off.

Instant Comfort

Flex-Head™ Design

Available with Luxe and Opulence models only. Our Flex-Head™ design helps maintain the Cuddle-Zone™ found within the main section of the mattress.

Our Flex-Head™ design is available in Queen, King and California King sizes. Flex-Head™ is compatible with all non-wall hugging power bases.

This design configuration can be used with dual power bases or split-top power bases.